Healthy Cell Concept, natural herbal green juice, enzymes, supplements

healthy cell conceptHealth starts with the basic unit of the body - the cell.
Cells group together to form organs which in turn form body systems.
Just as we must have a strong foundation to support a home,
so we must have strong cells to support good health.
Continually supplying the body with good nutrition can:

* improve pH to make the body more alkaline instead of acid
* prevent inflammation and
* support the immune system.

How to keep the body healthy

Cell Food
Nourish our cells with pure, whole, natural, fresh foods, as well as
high-quality nutritional supplements.
Cell Exercise
Exercise provides strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental alertness.
It is an excellent stress reliever and promotes overall good health.
Cell Environment
Have a clean environment, with clean water and clean air for our cells.
Cell Protection
The best defence against disease is our immune system. It can do
all that we ask if we nourish it properly, get enough rest and learn
how to manage stress.
Healthy Mental Attitude
It has been scientifically proven that a positive attitude makes you
feel better and even helps you fight disease. Laughter is still the best
medicine and happiness gives us extra strength.

Cell Food

* We need a balanced proportion of all nutrients. Getting too much of one can be as bad as not getting enough.
* We need foods that are not processed or excessively cooked. This ensures that we get more nutrients (including important enzymes) and no harmful additives.
* The less cooked and the more natural a food is, the better it is for us.
* If we eat natural foods, our cells get the elements they need to do their jobs, providing us with a healthy body and a healthy life.

What Can we Do?

* Cut back on soft drinks and sweets.
* Drink water or a natural fruit juice, or eat fruit.
* Buy fresh foods rather than canned foods.
* Cut back on your meat intake.
* Eat some raw fruits and vegetables every day. Take a carrot or apple to work.

How is green barley juice, beet juice and carrot juice good for us?

Fresh juice is an easy way to add to your diet the equivalent of fresh, raw fruit and vegetable nutrients, as found in nature, with their live enzymes

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* AIM CellSparc 360 ® provides energy-creating coenzymes.

Fresh vegetables provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and enhance the growth of healthy cells.

Enzymes do all of the work inside cells.

The purpose of an enzyme in a cell is to allow the cell to carry out chemical reactions very quickly. These reactions allow the cell to build things or take things apart as needed. This is how a cell grows and reproduces. At the most basic level, a cell is really a little bag full of chemical reactions that are made possible by enzymes!