AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is a topical magnesium supplement.


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AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is a topical magnesium supplement. Cell Wellness Restorer can be applied directly to the skin or is most commonly added to a bath.

" I feel we could do more for the health of the world by raising magnesium and DHEA levels than anything else we can imagine. We all should be using the simplest, safest way of getting our intracellular magnesium to a normal range. The simplest and most efficient way I know to do this is to use AIM Cell Wellness Restorer. "
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


AIM Cell Wellness Restorer®


I have fibromyalgia and the AIM Cell Wellness Restorer® has helped relieve the ache and hurt in different points in my body. I was unable to lift my arms, even to put a carrot in my juicer. My doctor told me I needed to go to a different area where the weather was drier. Now, using AIM Cell Wellness Restorer®, I can stay home. I can now lift my arms like the little guy pictured on the bottle. -Alice S.

Mother had gallbladder attacks. She started rubbing AIM Cell Wellness Restorer® where the gallbladder is and soaking in a bathtub as well as taking AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and AIM BarleyLife®. She did this for three days and now has no pain. -Mark K.

I have skin cancer on my face. Using AIM Cell Wellness Restorer in a bath is really helping. I'm seeing a change on my face. -Cacky H.

Two days after being in a car accident and using AIM Cell Wellness Restorer®, 80% of pain and swelling was gone. -Tonya B.

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