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Weight Management

weight managementj

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Maintaining a healthy weight is easier said than done. Weight management goes beyond fad diets and quick fixes. It seeks to determine the proper weight for your body size. For some, it may require weight loss. For others, it may be weight gain. In either case, getting there is often the hardest part.

When things go wrong

Unhealthy foods, inactive lifestyles, and poor choices can play a role in developing an unhealthy weight. Issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and malnutrition can result from an improper diet and lifestyle.

Why things go wrong

Diet and lifestyle are the two biggest factors affecting a healthy weight. A lack of whole foods and a balanced diet can quickly lead to weight gain, as can a sedentary lifestyle. Stress and busy-ness can cause an inability to maintain weight.

To aid Weight Management

Balancing a diet with a healthy selection of whole foods like fruits and vegetables and healthful nutrients like protein and fiber can make a big difference on the scales. In conjunction with proper nutrition, participating in an active lifestyle with a regular exercise routine will help burn calories and invigorate cells.


Personal Care

personal care

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Looking your best goes hand-in-hand with feeling your best. Being healthy from the inside out is important for the maintenance of the body. Skin, hair, and nails are a few of the outward areas that require regular attention and care.

When and why things go wrong

Without proper maintenance, external body systems can fall into disrepair. A lack of hygiene or general uncleanliness can lead to problems like skin damage, acne, dandruff, hair loss, body odor, and more. The less attention we give to our outward appearance, the more likely it is that there will be trouble areas. Environment and age each play a part in breaking down and damaging the body’s external appearance.

To aid personal care

Daily cleaning is a must, and taking extra steps to ensure proper hygiene can go a long ways toward improving outward health. Soaps, creams, and lotions are designed to improve and protect our bodies, and regular attention to outward appearance can stop a problem before it starts.

Targeted Nutrition



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Composure ® HumiKleanse ™ Prills ™ Renewed Balance ®
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The overall quality of our lives depends on several factors, many of which fall inside generic body systems and many more which have specific needs. We are truly healthy when our bodies are healthy and when we have a positive effect on others and on the environment we inhabit. Taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives is a full-time job—but the health rewards are worth it.

When and why things go wrong

The modern-day lifestyle is cause for many problems, many of which feed on each other. Excessive stress due to family or job worries can result in excessive weight gain and obesity. Obesity contributes to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other concerns. Stress can also lead to alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, and the health risks to which these contribute. Our own actions can contribute to external pollution, which can in turn affect our health.

To benefit from targeted nutrition

Recognize the health areas in your life that need attention and act on them. Have a healthy mental attitude and you will find that you have concern for yourself, others, and the world in which you live.